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A Tough Woman from Pakistan Live a Fresh Live with Chinese Medicine

2016-08-25 17:38

A Tough Woman from Pakistan Live a fresh Live with Chinese Medicine“Do you know that my urine output is up to 500 ml!” said Jane to her friends on the phone. Jane is a patient from Pakistan and she is 36 years old. Actually, she was a kidney failure patients 18 years ago, at that time, she did kidney transplantation surgery. However, 10 years ago, her kidney is failed again and she continued to suffer from high creatinine level. Her husband died in a car accident and she was living with 3 kids, now. She can’t have another kidney because of financial problem. But, Jane suffers from severe symptoms, so she has to do dialysis to maintain her life. But the various complications during dialysis make her can’t bear it anymore. Luckily, just the time, he learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine and then, she consulted renal exerts online about traditional Chinese medicine for treating kidney disease in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. And she though that Chinese medicine can help her a lot, so she decided to come to our hospital and receive our treatments.

After arriving at our hospital, the renal doctors here could not even feel her pulse. And the blood pressure monitor couldn't even check his blood pressure. And then, her doctor help her do clear blood therapy and steam therapy to repair her kidney.

A Tough Woman from Pakistan Live a fresh Live with Chinese MedicineAfter 5 times of steam therapy, she sweat a lot, which indicats that the active substances in steam therapy can dilate blood vessels and promote her blood circulation, so as to remove wastes products and cold draught by sweat. What the most exciting thing is that she stared to urinate a lot. The urine output in 24 hours is 60ml. After 9 times of steam therapy, her creatinine level is decreased to 772umol/L and the urine output in 24 hours is increased to 150ml. After 17 times of steam therapy, his creatinine level is decreased to 411umol/L and the urine output in 24 hours is increased to 350ml. And now, her creatinine level is reduced to 364 umol/L. Her mood is getting better with the improvement of her condition. As her condition improves, her treatment plan is also becoming more and more complete. Jane is a tough and strong woman and I really hope that her life and overall illness condition is getting better.

If you are suffer from the same problem, please talk your current illness condition to renal doctor or send to The renal doctor will analyze your illness condition accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.

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