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Is It A Must To Reverse Renal Failure By Relieving Proteinuria

2019-05-15 10:18

Reverse Renal Failure,Relieving Proteinuria,Urinary examination is one of the routine examinations to detect Renal Failure. Urinary protein is an important indicator of renal function. The amount of proteinuria affects the rhythm of renal function progress. Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

Large amounts of proteinuria not only destroy the glomerular filtration rate, accelerate the fibrosis and sclerosis of kidney cells, but also lead to edema, hypertension and so on. Therefore, the treatment of proteinuria is very important.

Can proteinuria be reversed?

Share a case of hypoproteinization in a patient treated in our hospital:

Tom, 35 years old, was diagnosed as chronic glomerulonephritis with urinary protein 2+, blood pressure 145/100, protein quantification 3.6g, serum creatinine 118 and uric acid 450. It was hard for him to accept the fact that he refused to take antihypertensive drugs and uric acid drugs. After half a year of treatment, albuminuria dropped to 2.5g, and there was no significant change in creatinine and uric acid.

Later, through the website to understand, came to our hospital, during treatment, the doctor will often explain kidney disease-related knowledge to him. Only then did he know that the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease recurred and that people of any age might be ill, but the sooner the disease was treated, the better, 90% of the patients could be controlled without worrying about premature renal failure.

In view of his previous medication treatment, the doctor formulated a detailed treatment plan, in addition to Huangkui capsule, he also added pril antihypertensive drugs and tacrolimus antiuric acid drugs, while cooperating with immune agents to eliminate inflammation. At ordinary times, it will also use traditional Chinese medicine therapy such as moxibustion to assist in relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation, promoting blood circulation and hormone toxin metabolism.

In addition, the nurse on duty will explain to him the dietary precautions, patients with proteinuria need to limit protein intake, but to avoid malnutrition, can eat easily absorbed high-quality protein, such as meat, eggs, dairy contains high-quality protein.

To maintain the stability of renal function and the level of proteinuria for a long time, it is essential to do three things:

1. Early discovery and early treatment

Kidney is the organ that produces urine. Kidney problems should be considered when urine abnormalities occur. Therefore, although nephropathy is relatively insidious, routine urine examination is a good helper for timely detection of nephropathy. Urinary abnormalities must pay attention to renal function examination.

2. Seeking more comprehensive and systematic treatment

Nephropathy requires more systematic and comprehensive treatment, not just medication. After kidney function is damaged, it will affect all aspects of the body, not just the kidney problem. For example, protein leakage can lead to nutritional deficiencies affecting immunity, hypertension can affect the whole blood circulation system, electrolyte disorders, toxin accumulation can lead to reduced urine volume and so on.

Therefore, besides insisting on medication, attention should be paid to diet, exercise, immunity improvement, regular review and prevention of complications.

3. Staying in a steady state of mind is more beneficial to stabilizing proteinuria

Good mentality will make people have positive emotions, and then there will be positive treatment. Overweight psychological pressure will make people immune decline, but also hormone adrenaline and corticosteroid production, so that kidney function is unstable, and then increase protein leakage. Therefore, we should learn to adjust our mindset and maintain a stable mood, which is more conducive to the stability of proteinuria and the recovery of the disease.

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