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Heral Medicines Help Dialysis Patients Live a Health Life

2016-05-02 20:31

Tima Kaeryo is a 59 years old patient of CKD stage 5. In April, 16th, 2013, he and his daughter came to China for treatment without getting the permission of his family doctor.

Why does Tima Kaeryo decide to come to China for treatment?

Tima Kaeryo comes from Papua New Guinea, but before coming to China, he had consulted doctors in the Philippines and Singapore where he was told dialysis and kidney transplant are the only two options. Afterwards, Tima Kaeryo heard about our hospital through Saipo whose father received treatment here. After consulting doctors here, Tima kaeryo finally decided to come to China as hospital here provides alternative treatments apart from dialysis and kidney transplant that offered in most of the other hospitals that in Manila and also Singapore.

What treatments he received here and what are the treatment effects?

When Tima kaeryo came to our hospital, test reports showed his serum creatinine reaches as high as 1142umol/L dialysis, and BUN 33.5mmol/l. However, after a series of treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath, acupuncture and blood purification, his illness condition gets improved greatly. Before the treatment here, Tima Kaeryo’s experienced severe vomiting and weakness. But now after the treatment, he can do lots of things that he can not do before like getting up and walk around without other’s help. Also, lad tests show his creatinine has been decreased to 405 effectively.

Increased urine output after the treatment

Kidneys are responsible for filtering blood during which urine and other wastes are discharged. Failed kidneys can not produce urine and excrete toxins in the blood. This is the reason why kidney failure patients need to do dialysis frequently when kidneys fail to work properly. Before the treatment in China, Tima kaeryo’s urine output is as less as 100 milliliters, but after the treatment, his kidney condition gets improved greatly and urine output is increased to 850milliliter.

We feel that it’s one big extended family

Tima kaeryo and his daughter lived far from home, but they said they do not feel miss home because this feel as the feeling of a family home atmosphere.

Wishes from Tima Kaeryo and his daughter

Lastly, Tima kaeryo and his daughter said they wish we can get our hospital out in the open and the maybe more people will know about this hospital and treatments here. What is more, they can get more treatment options apart from dialysis and kidney transplant.

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