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Treat Swelling on My Legs and Feet Effectively

2013-09-02 16:29

Hi, my name is Liu Li, and I am from Hei longjiang province, China. I am a patient with kidney failure and I have been fought against the disease for about 11 years. In recent months, the swelling on my legs and feet became more and more severe, which made it difficult for me to walk, even put on my shoes.

Treat Swelling On My Legs And Feet Effectively

In order to get the obvious treatment effect, I came to Beijing for treatment. But what made me disappointed is that I was still treated with the diuretics and the swelling came and went. Sometimes, it made me difficult to breathe. The doctor told me dialysis treatment would be used if there still had no obvious treatment effect.

I do believe no one kidney disease patient want to experience dialysis treatment or receive a kidney transplant one day, and that is the reason why I try my best to look for other treatment options which can help me avoid dialysis treatment.

Finally, I was treated with Chinese medicines. This treatment made me feel proud of Chinese medicine. I needed to lie on the bed to take the treatment, two bags filled with processed Chinese herbal medicines were put under my lower back, you would immediately feel comfortable when nurse turned on power switch of osmosis device. I remembered clearly that I went to bathroom more often than usual, and felt hungry after the treatment. After about 7 days’ treatment, the swelling was relieved effectively, and the most important thing was that it did not come back. The doctor told me it was relieved by repairing my kidney damage and recovering renal function. Dialysis will be effectively avoided if my renal function can be kept recovering.

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