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Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live on

RUTAGENGWA, who is from Rwanda, has kidney failure. And he was told that he have to rely on dialysis three times a week to maintain the rest of your life. He ne...Read More

A Patients Who Avoid Dialysis Successfully Want to Tell You Something

There is a patient whose creatinine is up to 1000mol/L, and the most exciting is that she avoids dialysis eventually. Now, this article will explain the details...Read More

Is Herbal Treatment OK for Patients with FSGS in Children

Over a year, Jason mom worry about Jason so much, it is not only Jason is a naughty boy, but also Jason got kidney disease caused by a cold. September at last y...Read More

A Journey to Health

Name : Meim Gender: female Age: 46 Country : Mauritania She has been suffered swelling on her low legs for almost 6 years and high creatinine level for 3 years....Read More

I Can Live a Normal Life Again with Natural Treatments

Name : ZAINAB Age : 35 Country : Bahrain She has been experienced diabetes for 22 years. And, at that time, her blood pressure is 150/90mmHg, she looks pale. Wh...Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Me Lead a Normal Life

Fulla, male, is 50 years old. He is from Tanzania. At the beginning of coming to our hospital, he looks pale and he is slouching all day. Besides, there lots of...Read More

Tip Has been Used as Hospital Cost in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital

John, 62 years old, is having kidney disease for 12 years. One month ago, he came to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital from Sudan ac...Read More

Herbal Medicine Gives a Chance to Live Well with PKD

There is a patient who have PKD is from Nigeria, the common conditions of his physical are as listed as following: Medicated BathThe treatments he receive are M...Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine is Excellent

Patient name : MOHAMMED Gender 45 Country Nigeria Illness Condition Over the past 8 years, he has experienced proteinuria and he has suffered from high creatini...Read More

I Can Live A Normal Life with Natural Treatments

Patients name Meim Gender female Age 46 Country Mauritania She has been experienced edema on her low leg for almost six years and her creatinine level was highe...Read More

Renal Failure Treatment


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