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A Party for Foreign Kidney Disease Patients in China

It can be a big decision for patients to make to receive a treatment abroad. The reason can be very simple and that is they are not satisfied with their current...Read More

Kidney Disease Patients from Different Countries Celebrate The Mid-autumn Festival in China

This video is about Chinese medical workers celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival with kidney disease patients from different countries. Now are you ready to enjoy ...Read More

A Nephrotic Syndrome Patient from Holland Regained His Health in China

Hi, my name is MALEX, 33 years of age and I am from Holland. The following information is about my story. I hope it could be helpful more or less for some Nephr...Read More

Treat Swelling on My Legs and Feet Effectively

Hi, my name is Liu Li, and I am from Hei longjiang province, China. I am a patient with kidney failure and I have been fought against the disease for about 11 y...Read More

I Found The Best PKD Treatment in China

What is the best PKD treatment ? Experts do believe that the best PKD treatment means the one which can help shrink the cysts safely and avoid kidney failure. D...Read More

How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helped A CKD Stage 4 Patient from America

What is the best treatment for CKD stage 4? Perhaps it is the one which can help patients at this stage avoid dialysis and improve the quality of life. The foll...Read More

Chinese Medicine Helped A CKD Stage 4 Patients Avoid Dialysis

CKD stage 4 is the second advanced stage of kidney disease and it means the severe reduction of renal function. In many other countries, CKD stage 4 requires di...Read More

A Special Birthday In Kidney Disease Hospital, China

Nasir Aftab is a 37 years old man with kidney failure caused by FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis). He had never been to China before, but now when he co...Read More

Patient with Hypertension, Diabetes and Kidney Disease Says “Thanks”

My name is Dr. Mohammed Adel Elhasseiny. I am an Ege Surgern. I am Egytian. I have kidney problems due to hypertension and Diabetes, and I came here 4 weeks ago...Read More

Redness with Pains On Both My Legs Are Gone, Gone, Gone!

Paul Lahari is a 51 years old diabetic who came to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment on June 25th 2013. Due to years o...Read More

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