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Week Body Holds A Strong Heart

Mary comes from India, 6 years ago, her proteinuria was 2+, blood pressure was 110/80. And she was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis, but her condition didnt improve a lot by taking local treatment, in order to improve her condition...Read More

He Got Reward after Insisting on 5 Years

This is the second time that he came to our hospital. He arrive at our hospital and he feels like that he is at home. Are you suffering from kidney disease, now? Do you want to receive a effective treatment to recover ? Please contact our o...Read More

The Herbal Medicines for Kidney Failure in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

As we all know that kidney failure is a kind of progressive kidney disease, most of patients are wondering that how long can I live with end stage renal disease with kidney failure, since dialysis and kidney transplant do not work well for...Read More

A Big Trouble Caused by Catching a Cold

Ben, 9 years old, begun to experience swelling with unknown reasons, besides, he also experienced cough severely. And then, he was admitted to hospital and found that proteinuria 3+, 24 hour urinary quantity was 1.826g. And then, he was dia...Read More

My 3 Year’s Old Kids Becomes Fat Suddenly, What Should I Do

At May first, he begin to experience swelling on the whole body and it is so severe that he can not open his eyes. How does this happen and is there any solution for it. Lets take a look together and you also can add whatsApp/Wechat+8618203...Read More

Stick with It ! You will not be afraid of kidney failure

Her name is Alice, She has been suffered from swelling for almost 10 years and her condition isnt getting better even if she go around the world. On the contrary, her condition is getting worse, her creatinine level is up to 1200umol/L, bes...Read More

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital Helps Me Avoid Dialysis

Name : Yusuf Age : 23 Country : SAUDI ARABIA JEDDAH Illness condition : chronic glomerulonephritis Purpose: he came to our hospital for avoiding dialysis He has been suffered from swelling on low legs for 11 years and high creatinine level...Read More

A American Patient in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Name : Brown Age : 52 Country : USA Illness Condition : chronic glomerulonephritis. Hematuria become negative from 2+ 8 years ago, he begun to experience to swelling on lower legs with no headache and dizziness due to unknown reasons, blood...Read More

A Diabetic Patient in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Name: Somaya Age :38 Gender: Female Country : Sudan Illness Condition Diabetic with kidney damage 8 years ago, she begun to experience swelling on lower legs because of a cold. He does not have Frequent urination, headache, dizziness, nause...Read More

Chinese Herbs Medicine Helps me Decrease High Creatinine level Fundamentally

Name : Hiital Gender: Male Age :57 Illness condition : high blood pressure with kidney disease, anemia caused by kidney damage. Creatinine level : before treatment : 497umol/L, After treatment :412umol/L 28 years ago, he was admitted to hos...Read More

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