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Pedicure,Foot Bath

Pedicure can bring much health benefits to human body. Through warming effects of water and therapeutic effects of herbs, the treatment can help to dredge channels and accelerate systemic blood circulation. It can help people to improve cardiovascular system functions, improve sleeping quality, rid tiredness and improve resistance to diseases.

As is proven by researches, 88% of diseases are associated to blood stagnation. Kidney diseases mean scarring in kidney tissues. The inflammatory damage on kidneys causes renal ischemia and reduces effective blood circulation. High blood cholesterol and hipoproteinemia also contribute to increased blood viscosity. Blood stagnation means that blood and nutrients can not be effectively transported to body systems, which can increase people’s risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, Diabetes, cirrhosis, ulcers, etc.

There are over 60 acupoints on feet which are corrected to human body. Through stimulating the acupoints on feet systemic mechanism can be improved; and metabolism can be improved so as to promote absorption of nutrients and reduce chances of severe diseases.

Feet are where channels gather. In Chinese medicine treatment concept, there are corresponding acupoints to various organs of human body. Stimulating the acupoints on feet wlll help to improve blood circulation, regulate endocrine functions, balance blood pressure and achieve the effects of improving health status.

The therapeutic effects of Pedicure mainly include the follows:

﹡Regulate blood pressure

﹡Improve blood circulation

﹡Promote metabolic functions

﹡Relieve tiredness and weakness

﹡Improve sleeping quality

﹡Improve immunity

When there is buildup of toxins and insufficient blood and nutrient supplement to tissues which make people tired, Pedicure can help the dispelling of toxins and relieve fatigues. Our feet are the farthest from heart so the blood circulation is relatively slower and people easily feel cold in their feet. Pedicure helps to expand foot blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, keep foot warmth and prevent chilblains.

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Doctor of Medicine Yu, Junqing

Doctor of Medicine Yu, Junqing

Male, MD, was born in December, 1933. He has twice been to Zaire for foreign medical aid work and his team was named as the advanced collective. He is also the chief editor or co-author of many books such as Diagnosis and Treatments Points for Common Blood Diseases as well as many medical theses.