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The Common Side Effects of Peritoneal Dialysis

2013-05-04 17:52

Peritoneal dialysis, secondary hemodialysis, is also widely used in kidney disease especially end stage renal disease (ESRD). Many patients who have a big discomfort during hemodialysis may be suggested to accept peritoneal dialysis treatment. Even though peritoneal dialysis has fewer complications and limitation than hemodialysis, it still has some side effects. What are the common side effects of peritoneal dialysis?

If you were on hemodialysis before but now turn to use peritoneal dialysis, I believe you must find the later type of dialysis is easier for you to follow. However, you still need to pay attention to the following side effects:

● Infections such as abdominal cavity

● Abdomen pain due to dialyzer or dialysate

● Swelling or pulmonary edema

Dialysis tubular blockage

● Peritonitis

● Loss of protein

● Low potassium

In addition, there are some other side effects that are uncommon for most people. If you are on peritoneal dialysis and have one or more symptoms the above mentioned, you are suggested to tell your doctor or us as soon as possible to take methods correctly and timely. What’s more, the following information may be more useful for you as well as many other people who are also suffering from the side effects of peritoneal dialysis.

In fact, either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis can’t do anything to the damaged kidney. Over time, the users will become weaker and weaker. At present, some other blood purifications are more effective. Here, we mainly recommend two types: immune adsorption and plasma exchange.

Immune adsorption can remove moderate and big molecular substances such as immune complexes that can be discharged from the body via hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Therefore, it can help purify blood completely. As for plasma exchange, it can not only help remove harmful substances from the body but also help improve patients’ kidney function. You can choose the best treatment according to your condition.

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