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Prevent Polycystic Kidney Disease Progressing Into Renal Failure

2013-01-28 14:22

Renal failure can be caused by a variety of chronic kidney disease and they will all progress into renal failure if left untreated, only the time varies from different underlying kidney disease to renal failure. Usually it takes relatively longer time to develop renal failure from PKD than other diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, therefore it is very good to take effective measures to further slow down its progression, protect kidney functions and prevent developing renal failure.

Polycystic kidney disease has great individual differences and its progression into renal failure has much to do with its various complications. Therefore treatment for complications of PKD has become the key point determining the prognosis of PKD. Usually the earlier the patients develop clinical symptoms, the poorer the prognosis is. The average survival rate is about 10 years since clinical symptoms appear and the average life expectancy is about 50 years without dialysis or kidney transplant. The main cause of death for PKD patients are renal failure, heart failure, cerebral hemorrhage and lung infections, etc.

To slow down its progression into renal failure, PKD patients should have early and effective prevention and treatment for the complications of PKD. High blood pressure, urinary tract infections, cyst rupture are common complications and they are risk factors for inducing and worsening renal damages. In case of blood in urine or severe back pain and abdominal pain, it might indicate cyst infection or cyst rupture, patients should go to kidney disease hospital to first bring the symptoms under control and then find out the exact causes or the illness conditions might be delayed.

The following are some healthy home nursing tips for PKD patients.

·drink more water so as to increase urine output and flush more wastes and toxins out of the body with urination. It is recommended that adult PKD patients to drink 4000ml water and maintain urine volume 2000-2500ml.

·add some lemon juice to the water; avoid caffeine-containing drinks which can promote cell proliferation and secretion of more cystic fluid.

·have less salt. Low-salt diets have a lot of benefits---improving urine output, reducing the chance of cyst hyperplasia, cyst fluid secretion, infections and kidney stones. It is also good for controlling high blood pressure and reducing the damages caused by high blood pressure.

·limit the intake of high-potassium fruits if patients have hyperkalemia such as banana and orange.

·low-protein diets. Low-protein diets have been proved can help slow down decline rate of kidney functions. For those that are stage 3 CKD patients, daily protein intake should be less than 0.6kg/d.

·avoid strong tea, coffee and spicy foods.

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