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Top 4 Facts about Polycystic Kidney Disease

2014-02-17 02:13

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic form of kidney disease. In this text, you are going to know about the 4 facts about this disorder.


Frankly speaking, polycystic kidney disease can be classified into two categories, ADPKD and ARPKD. The former type is very common and its incidence can be quoted to 1 in every 1000 patients. As for the latter type, it is a form and the incidence can be 1 in every 20000 to 40000 patients.

Symptoms and signs

In the early stage, there are usually no symptoms. However, as the fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys enlarge, a number of discomforts may come into being correspondingly. For example, back pain, abdominal pain, enlarged abdomen, blood in urine, high blood pressure, proteinuria and so on.

Besides, other organs including liver and pancreas can also be affected.

How to prevent kidney failure with PKD?

Control of blood pressure To delay the occurrence of kidney failure, it is essential to bring blood pressure under control. And drugs like ACE Inhibitors or ARBs are commonly used.

Follow a scientific diet A well balanced diet is helpful to prevent renal failure. For example, the ingestion of protein and salt should be strictly restricted. Wanna get an individualized advice? You are welcomed to email to directly.

Hot compress therapy This treatment focus on both shrinking cysts and promote kidney function, in this way, kidney failure can be prevented eventually.

Can women with PKD bear a baby?

To be honest, women with PKD can bear a baby as ordinary people. However, if the condition is not controlled well, such as, high blood pressure, the risk of being pregnant will be increased.

Meanwhile, sufferer should consider the fact that their children have a 50% chance to be affected this disease.

The above contents are 4 facts about polycystic kidney disease, and we do hope you can gain a lot. Any follow-up questions, please leave us a message in the following chart.Good luck!

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