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Will Simple Kidney Cyst Cause Renal Failure

2014-03-06 23:33

Will simple kidney cyst cause renal failure? This question is cared about by many kidney cyst patients. We know that kidney cyst is different from polycystic kidney disease(PKD), which can cause renal failure. So, in general, simple kidney cyst will not cause renal failure. But everything is possible in the world.

The development condition of simple kidney cyst

Usually, simple kidney cyst will not cause obvious symptom or sign of the aggravation of the disease. Most people do not know they are kidney cyst patient until die. The age will increase the risk because almost one third of people aged 70 have at least one simple kidney cyst. The size of kidney cysts will increase with age.

Will simple kidney cyst cause renal failure

Though simple kidney cyst does less harm to the body and can not cause renal failure easily, if kidney cysts become too big, these cysts will oppress kidney, and cause kidney damage. In this case, renal failure will occur without effective treatment. So, if you tested that your kidney cysts are big enough, treatment is necessary to prevent renal failure occurrence.

What therapy can prevent renal failure occurrence

The aim of preventing renal failure is to shrink kidney cyst and protect kidney. Hot compress therapy happens to have these functions. The medicines that treated to your disease are pure natural. So they do no harm to your body and have no side effect. This is a treatment applied externally. Patients do not need to bear the pain that surgery brings to them. What they need to do is to lie on the bed and enjoy the process of Chinese medicines permeation. Why does this therapy can shrink cyst? If you have interest in it, talk to our online doctor freely.

With an effective therapy and keep a well-managed diet, simple kidney cyst will not cause renal failure. You should test your body regularly to make it clear that whether your physical condition is good or not. You can send an email to if you have questions with simple kidney cyst. Best wishes to you.

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