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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for PKD with Frequent Rupturing Cysts

2014-05-16 20:57

Frequent rupturing cysts often appear if PKD is left ignoring or not controlled well. Patients will experience great pain in back, abdomen, hip, which is caused by the infection due to rupturing cysts. So they are eager to find a way to alleviate the symptoms. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have many natural treatments for PKD, next, we will introduce Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for PKD with frequent rupturing cysts. Please see the following.

Because the reason why the cysts rupture frequently is that the cysts increase and grow continuously. So inhibiting the secretion of the cystic fluid and shrink the cysts are the key to prevent frequent rupturing cysts. While, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy maybe a proper treatment for PKD with frequent rupturing cysts to achieve these goals. Know more information about this therapy, you can an email to

By permeating traditional Chinese medicine into kidney lesions with the help of advanced osmosis equipment, this therapy can make cyst fluid out by enlarging renal vessels to accelerate blood circulation. So cyst fluid will flow out from cyst quickly.

There can be a pressure difference in and out the cyst. While Chinese medicine have the function of making cyst wall thin. So cyst fluid is easy to permeate out of cyst through the cyst wall. When the fluid flows out, the cysts can minish so they won’t press on the lateral organs. Pain will be alleviated then.

Another use of Micro-Chinese Medicine is to resist inflammation induced by the overflowing cyst fluid. It can also improve the ability of renal tubules to reabsorb cyst fluid. After micro-Chinese medicine taking all these effects, frequent rupturing cysts can be released greatly. Your distress won’t appear anymore.

Through clinical application, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is proved to be the best natural treatment for PKD with frequent rupturing cysts. If you are suffering from the great pain, contact us now by leaving a message below or chatting with our online doctors. Best wishes!

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