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Can Chinese Medicine Treat PKD with High Creatinine Level

2014-09-02 17:21

Can Chinese Medicine Treat PKD with High Creatinine LevelPKD is the abbreviation of Polycystic Kidney Disease, and brings a lot of pain to people. In inspection report, the common abnormal index is high creatinine level. Can Chinese medicine treat PKD with high creatinine level? Next, we will answer you in detail, any questions, you are welcome to chat with our online doctors for free advice.

To date, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) has a history of 2000 to 3000 years, and it has come into being a unique system to diagnose and cure disease. For PKD, as long as they are diagnosed with high creatinine level, there are many other wastes and toxins in the body. Have you done the related checkup? In our hospital, before treatment, we can use our special inspection to make sure the your kidney damage level and location. If you want to know our the special inspection, you are welcome to send an email to, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

The special treatments in our hospital is Chinese medicine, and there are many innovative therapies for kidney disease, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath therapy, Medicated bath therapy, enema therapy and so on. These therapies are used conveniently and has no side effect. And many PKD patients coming from many countries praise these therapies after treatment. And there are many successful cases in our patient stories. If you have interest, you can read these patient stories on our site. Besides, through clinical practice, Chinese medicine is proved to be a good choice for PKD with high creatinine level, because it can treat it from shrinking these kidney cysts and improving renal function.

Can Chinese medicine treat PKD with high creatinine level? Of course. If you are a suffer of PKD with high creatinine level, effective and early treatment can help you lower high creatinine level and prevent other complications.

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