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Is Kidney Transplant The Last Choice for PKD Patients

2014-10-03 09:38

kidney transplantWith the physical condition getting worse and worse, PKD patients often think about the kidney transplant at first.They often treat kidney transplant as their last choice. They want to have a treatment which can make them get rid of pain and dialysis forever. But not all patients can enjoy a healthy life as they wish for there are so many questions beyond our reach.

There are too many names in the list of candidate to kidney transplant, which means that finding a suitable kidney resource is more difficult than our expect, and once patients have the kidney transplant operation, patients would take anti-rejection drugs in the rest of life which have side effects of increasing the risk of getting infection, virus and some kind of tumor disease. And kidney transplant is not once and for all, some patients may have to receive another transplant in the future.

We have to say that kidney transplant is no longer the only choice and last choice for PKD and other types of kidney diseases patients. If you can not afford a transplant or if you are not suitable to receive such an operation, then Chinese medicine therapy used commonly in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital becomes patients’ another choice.

We do believe that the treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease must solve the two problems : one is to control the growth of cyst and another is to shrink cysts. To control the growth of the cysts, we must clear the inflammatory mediators in blood and deposition of immune element in the walls of cysts. So the walls of cysts no longer stimulate the secretion of cyst fluid and cysts won’t increase. Without the cyst fluid inside rowing out, it is no way that our cysts get disappear. so we have to use some medicines which can promote the blood circulation around the cyst, promote the ability of capsule wall of absorbing the cyst fluid, and changing inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall, thus making cyst fluid to be reabsorbed and removed out of body with urine.

Which stage has your PKD developed to? Welcomed to tell us more about your condition. We are glad to give you more help to avoid kidney transplant.

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