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Is It Reversible for PKD Patients with 3.2 Creatinine Level

2014-11-05 10:40

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my blood test report . Creatinine level 3.2 ! I know that means my kidney disease has been pushed into CKD Stage 4 by those evil cysts on my kidney. I really hope there can be a treatment to reverse my condition.”

Ms. Kimberly is a 38-year old patient who has been with PKD for 10 years. Suffering from continuous back pain and hematuria, she visited so many doctors, who, however, just prescribe anti-inflammatory to her.

However, those medicines cannot prevent the deterioration of the kidney function. With the constant enlargement of those cysts, the pressing to kidney tissue get worsened, apart from the continuous back pain and hematuria caused by this, the insufficiency of blood and oxygen is the real culprit damaging those kidney cells, decreasing the kidney function.

“ Is there any treatment to prevent my cysts from enlarging and help to save my kidney function?” besides Ms Kimberly, this is the heartfelt wishes for all the PKD patients.

As we know, those cysts is actually the result of Renal tubular hyperplasia, and it is the renal tubular epithelium that secreating the fluid in the cysts. Simply speaking, to prevent the cysts enlargement, it’s necessary to inactivate those hyperplasia renal tubular epithelium.

Through lots of research, the professor in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital find that some herbal medicine contains the element which can play the function. meanwhile, they add the herble medicine which can help to promote the blood circulation in the kidney tissue, supporting the supply of blood and oxygen to those injured kidney cells. This will make the cysts wall thinner, enabling the fluid permeate the wall and get discharged following the urine. They name the treatment as Natural Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

With a period of treatment, the patients can feel obvious relax in back, the proteinuria and hematuria can also get eased.

The increase of creatinine level is the reflection of the low filtration function of the kidney. This is also the ultimate objective of the osmotherapy. With the generalization of the osmotherapy, to reverse the 3.2 creatinine level will not be a far dream.

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