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How to Deal with Low Back Pain on PKD

2014-12-21 17:02

How to Deal with Low Back Pain on PKDLow back pain is a common complaint in patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease. Low back pain occurs when the kidney cysts extend and press against other organs in the body. What can patients do to alleviate low back pain on PKD?

Dialysis may be the common treatment to alleviate some painful symptoms for most of patients. It alleviates the pain by eliminating the toxic substances out of body and controlling the development of illness condition.

Surgery is applied to eliminate the kidney cysts in the kidneys, but it is only available outside of the kidneys, it can not remove out the cysts inside of the kidneys. Patients also are at high risk to get various infections during or after the surgery.

Kidney transplant is a procedure that places a new kidney to replace the diseased kidney. It takes effects to end up the painful symptoms quickly. But, kidney transplant it not a cure for low back pain on PKD. Since PKD is gene-related disease, there is always a chance that the donor kidney does not match your body tissues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used in treating kidney diseases for many years. The renal experts here made innovations on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The innovations are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and “four plus seven”treatment. In addition, the renal experts here will make a specific treating plan on the basis of the external application and patients’ illness condition. If you want to know more details about the treating plan, you can send email to

On one hand, the natural treatments can prevent the active substances from releasing in the damaged tubular epithelial cells, thus stopping the growth of cysts. On the other hand, the Chinese herbs in the natural treatments can increase the permeability of the surface of the cysts, so as to increase the secretion of the cysts fluid.

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