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Kidney Stone in PKD: Cause and Treatment

2014-12-28 14:42

Kidney Stone in PKD: Cause and TreatmentAs the common complication of PKD, there are more than 30% of PKD patients who suffer kidney stone. Generally speaking, patients may not know they have a kidney stone unless it causes pain, is large and blocks the flow of urine or is being passed. The most common symptom is severe, fluctuating pain that tends to move with the stone. If the stone stops, the pain may stop. Sometimes, kidney stone can lead to hydronephrosis and serious kidney damage, so PKD patients must know the cause to have a good prevention and treatment for the kidney stone.

The cause of kidney stone in PKD:

Kidney stones are a formation of hardened minerals in thekidneys or urinary system. In most cases, kidney stones are formed because of a decrease in urine volume or increase in the minerals that form the stones in the urine. For PKD patients, with the kidney function decline, there is much uric acid and calcium in urine. In addition, patients usually suffer oliguria. Both of them can lead to kidney stones. And the content of the cyst fluids also is easy to form kidney stone.

The treatment for kidney stone in PKD:

The most common treatment people take to eliminate the kidney stone is the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) which can remove the kidney stone in urinary system, but the treatment is not exhaustive. Moreover, for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, ESWL may be can lead to rupture of cyst.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the functions of shrinking the cyst, expending blood vessel and promoting blood circulation to increase the blood perfusion in kidney. With the increased GFR, the urine volume also can be increased which is good for the excretion of kidney stones. In addition, the pulsed microwave produced by the micro permeameter can work on kidney stones, promoting the excretion of kidney stones through the expended ureteral pulse, decreasing the pains. The active substances in medicine also can work on cleaning the wastes in body and recovering the state of original urine colloid, so the crystal salt will can not be separated, blocking the ways of forming kidney stones and treat PKD at the same time.

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