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What Stage of Polycystic Kidney Disease Requires Dialysis

2015-06-07 15:57

What Stage of Polycystic Kidney Disease Requires DialysisPolycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous cysts filled with fluid in both kidneys. The progression expansion of PKD cysts slowly replaces much of the normal tissues of the kidneys, which also can reduce kidneys function and lead to kidney failure. Dialysis is often used for patients to slow down kidney damage, regarding on this, what stage of Polycystic Kidney Disease repairs dialysis?

At the early stage of Polycystic Kidney Disease, the cysts are so small that they do not give pressure to the normal tissues, thus the cysts do not cases any symptoms to patients. And the kidney function can not be affected by the enlargement of kidney cysts and dialysis is not necessary for patient to apply.

When the kidney cysts are large enough to oppress the normal kidney tissues, and the kidney function is also affected by the enlargement of kidney cysts. Regarding on this, more and more toxic substances and extra fluid are being deposited in the body. So dialysis is needed for patients to remove out the toxic substances and alleviate some poisoning symptoms.

Therefore, there is no exact answer that what stage of Polycystic Kidney Disease repair dialysis. In fact, dialysis is a painful process, during which, patients will suffer from a series of adverse effects, such as muscle cramping, anemia, headache. What is worse, patients start dialysis once time, they can not get rid of dialysis for the rest of their life. The renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital suggest that as long as patients do not suffer from severe symptoms, patients are not recommenced to undergo dialysis.

The natural treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommend that the most fundamental way for patients to shrink the kidney cysts naturally. It can help patients shrink the kidney cysts by stopping the cysts by preventing the active substances in the epithelial cells from releasing, it also can promote the excretion of cysts fluid by increasing blood circulation of surface of cysts. With the treatments, patients have less dialysis or even stop dialysis.

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