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PKD with Foamy in Urine Treatment

2015-06-28 17:35

Sometimes, when we go to the toilet, we can found that there are some foam in the urine. I suppose that you especially PKD patients must want to know whether it is normal or not. There are so many reasons that can cause foamy urine.

Causes of foamy urine

1 rapid urination

Sometimes, when people are eager to go to the toilet, they can not control themselves, as a result, they try to urinate as quickly as possible. Under the intense impact, there will be a lot of foam in your urine.

2 low amounts of fluid intake

Another reason leading to foamy urine is low amount of fluid intake. A normal person are supposed to drink 1500ml water everyday, while when people drink less water, they will form concentrate urine, so it will lead to foamy urine.

3 loss of protein

The most important reason for foamy urine is loss of protein. As we all know, the kidney is a filter of human body, which has the function of absorbing nutrient substance and discharging the waste. When the kidney is damaged, the filterable function of it will declining. As a result, lots of protein will running off. The protein and the urine will form foam.

As for the PKD patients, if you found foam in your urine, that means your kidney function is declining. So you are supposed to receive treatment as quickly as possible. The following is an effective Chinese medical therapy to treat PKD.

Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy, an original creation of our hospital, which is combination of traditional Chinese medical herbs and modern equipment. Firstly, we make the Chinese medical herbs into tiny powder and put them into two medical bags. Secondly, we apply the Chinese medical bags on the patient’s skin which is corresponding to their kidney parts. Then with the professional equipment’s help, the active composition penetrate into the kidney part through pore.

The main functions of this therapy are promoting the blood circulations and eliminating the composition of the cysts. Because of cysts cover on the kidney, the kidney can’t absorb the nutrient substance that the body needed and can’t discharge waste normally. When our Chinese medical powder penetrates into the damaged kidney, the kidney cells will be recovered a lot and the kidney vessels will be improved. As well as, the composition of cysts will be absorbed. So the kidney function will be improved gradually, a lot of symptoms will disappear, including of the foamy urine.

If you are the PKD patient, if there are a mount of foams in your urine, and if you are interested in our special therapy, you can contact our online doctors, who will answer all your questions. If our online doctor can not reply your question in time, please do not be angry, you also can leave massages to them, or you can send email to At last I hope you live a better life than before.

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