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Can I Be Cured from Abdominal Distension with PKD

2016-11-20 16:15

Can I Be Cured from Abdominal Distension with PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease, PKD, is a genetic kidney disorder in which lots of cysts filled with fluid on the kidney. As kidney cysts get enlarged, patients are more likely to experience various poisoning symptoms and complications. Abdominal distension is commonly experienced in PKD patients. Recently, a patient ask that can he be cured from abdominal pain with PKD. Please add WhatsApp/Wechat+008618395615012 to know more details.

First of all, you need to make it clear that why PKD patients experience abdominal pain?

Since polycystic kidney disease is a kind of genetic kidney disorder, the kidney function would be damaged gradually. Therefore, lots of wastes products and toxic substances would be build up in blood if the kidney can not fulfill its function properly. As a result, lots of symptoms and complications occur. When lots of wastes products and toxins build up in blood, of which, blood urea will get into gastrointestinal track system along with blood flow and then blood urea will would be broken down into ammonia when it gets into intestinal track system. And then, ammonia will stimulate the gastrointestinal track system, making patients feel something wrong with gastrointestinal track system and abdominal distension is one of them.

Is there anything we can do to relive abdominal distension with PKD?

First of all, you have to shrink kidney firstly and then a heath internal environment would be provided to make the diseased cells and tissues get self repaired. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a very effective approach to shrink kidney cysts fundamentally. On one hand, it stops the growth of kidney cysts by preventing the active substances in epithelial cells from releasing, on the other hand, it increases blood circulation of cysts wall, so as to promote the excretion of cysts fluid. And then, we mainly use Toxins-Removing Treatment to help patients excrete wastes products and toxins out of body fundamentally and completely.

Along with shrinkage of kidney cysts and improvement of kidney function, you will not suffer from abdominal distension anymore. 

Are you suffering from abdominal distension with PKD? Do you want to know more details about this? Please send your present condition and phone number to or leave a message below. We will contact you timely.

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