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Prevention Of Complications Of Polycystic Kidney Disease

2018-08-29 16:05

Polycystic Kidney Disease,With the development of society, more and more people are gradually familiar with Polycystic Kidney Disease, which is relatively harmful to patients, in fact, the harm of polycystic kidney disease will have many complications, but also to the safety of life will be a threat. How can the complications of polycystic kidney disease be prevented? This is what everyone wants to know.

First, control diet. Proper treatment of diet in patients with polycystic kidney disease is very important for controlling progression of renal function. To prevent the complications of polycystic kidney disease, it is advisable to adopt a low-salt diet of 2-3 grams of salt every day, eat less potassium and phosphorus, eat a low-protein, low-fat diet, eat a diet rich in vitamins and plant crude fiber, and keep the stool unobstructed.

2. Prevent colds. Polycystic kidney disease is different from other kidney diseases, polycystic kidney disease is a lifelong genetic disease, which needs to be accompanied for a lifetime. Even if we pay special attention to it and take care of our family members, it still can not block the objective reality that cysts continue to swell. At this time, to prevent the complications of polycystic kidney disease, it is necessary to prevent colds, such as colds, especially repeated colds will make polycystic kidney disease kidney damage aggravated by one point, play a worsening role, but also accelerate the progress of renal function damage.

3. Control blood pressure. Most patients with polycystic kidney disease have high blood pressure before their kidney function is impaired. We call it polycystic kidney disease. The occurrence of hypertension will accelerate the impairment of renal function. At the same time, high blood pressure will also damage the heart and cerebrovascular. It will lead to serious complications such as stroke in polycystic kidney with hemorrhage of cerebrovascular aneurysm. Therefore, controlling blood pressure is very important for slowing down the deterioration of renal function and preventing complications of polycystic kidney disease.

4. Prevent trauma. The continuous enlargement of polycystic kidney cysts will lead to increased intracystic pressure of cysts, forcing the patient's kidneys to grow and intraperitoneal pressure to increase. In this way, any slight trauma, such as sprain, bruise, fall and so on, will increase the abdominal internal pressure or traumatic force directly on the impact of the enlarged cyst, resulting in high internal pressure cyst rupture, bleeding, easy to induce infection.

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