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Plasma Exchange

Plasma Exchange Therapy is a useful treatment for kidney diseases. Here's on the therapeutic effects, side effects and other aspects of plasma exchang.

Management for Shortness of Breath and Diarrhea from Dialysis

Dialysis is the common treatment for kidney failure patients to prolong their life expectancy and remit their symptom. And at some time, patients have to accept dialysis to save their life. But with the long time of dialysis, many complicat...Read More

What Is Plasma Exchange

Plasma exchange is a medical procedure in which plasma with toxins or wastes are removed from the blood. After that, usually some fresh and healthy plasma are injection into patients body to replace the lost plasma. Plasma exchange is suita...Read More

Plasma Exchange Treats FSGS with High Creatinine Level

FSGS is a kidney disease that is hard to be cured. And once the creatinine level rises, the disease will aggravate quickly. And if left untreated, the disease must worsen into End-Stage Renal Disease. Here, an effective treatment is advised...Read More

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