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Plasma Exchange Treats FSGS with High Creatinine Level

2014-06-19 17:57

FSGS is a kidney disease that is hard to be cured. And once the creatinine level rises, the disease will aggravate quickly. And if left untreated, the disease must worsen into End-Stage Renal Disease. Here, an effective treatment is advised to you, Plasma Exchange, because it is a good choice for FSGS with high creatinine level.

Plasma exchange is one kind of Blood purification, and it can help discharge soluble immune complexes, some antibodies, various metabolic wastes and toxins, pathogenic factors so as to create a clean and favorable internal environment for repairing the damaged kidney and improving renal function. And it has good curative effects especially in short term.

Through the clinical practice, after the application of plasma exchange, high creatinine level can be lowered obviously. What is more, except clearing small and moderate molecular toxins and wastes from blood, it also can discharge large molecular wastes such as proteins and immune complexes, such as IgG, C3 and so on. Compared with dialysis, it has a higher clearance. Besides, it can take place of the kidney to do some works and supply essential substances for the patients, such as albumins, blood coagulation factors, etc.

At the same time of using plasma exchange, hormones and immunosuppressant should be combined to ensure safety and effects. Because plasma exchange just can eliminate the immune complexes from body and blood, but it can not inhibit the release of inflammatory cytokines. The combination of them is good to protect kidney and remit the symptoms. Except lowering high creatinine level, Plasma Exchange also can be applied to treat all case of poisoning caused by chemicals, medicines, foods or bites. And this treatment is proved to be effective.

Besides, in our hospital, we also will choose some TCM to repair your damaged kidney and restore your kidney function.

If you are a patient suffering from FSGS with high creatinine level, it is necessary for you to receive timely treatment. And Plasma Exchange gets good effect in treating FSGS with high creatinine level. Any questions, you are welcome to send an email to, and it is our pleasure to help you get rid of the disease.

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Plasma Exchange Treats FSGS with High Creatinine Level

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