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Prognosis and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy is every patient who gets chronic kidney failure worry about. Information on nursing care and treatment helps to improve prognosis.

Kidney Disease Experts Analysis The Current Situation And Misunderstanding Of Uremia Stage

Misunderstandings of the cause of disease What is the main cause of kidney disease? Even mistaken that kidney disease is due to cold, tired, infection, use o...Read More

How Long Can You Live When Kidneys Shut Down

How long can one live when kidneys shut down? For kidney failure patients, they can not live as long as a normal person lives due to the impaired kidney functio...Read More

Life Span For Stage 4 Renal Failure With And Without Dialysis

Stage 4 renal failure means that more than 70-85% kidney functions are lost and patients will be told to prepare for renal replacement therapy---dialysis and ki...Read More

How Long Does Someone with 10% Kidney Function Live with Chinese Medicine

How long does someone with 10% kidney function live with Chinese medicine ? Do you have this kind of doubt? Please send your own illness condition to online doc...Read More

How Long can Patient with Creatinine 6.5 be Alive without Dialysis

Although dialysis has been considered as the most common treatment to sustain life, it makes patients experience lots of adverse effects. Therefore, most of pat...Read More

How Long Can Patients Live with Renal Failure without Treatment

Kidney failure is described with gradually losing of kidney function. Since dialysis and kidney transplant can not achieve the functions that patients want to, ...Read More

Life Span for Renal Failure Patients with Kidney Transplant

kidney transplant has been considered as the most proper treatment to prolong the life expectancy. While, what is the life span for renal failure patients with ...Read More

Life Span of People with Kidney Failure and Liver Failure

Life span of people with kidney failure and liver failure means that how long can they live with kidney failure and liver failure. In fact, in fact, there are m...Read More

How Long Can You Live with Renal Failure without Treatment

Kidney failure is a progressive kidney disease, which threats patients life, at some point. While, if patients do not receive any treatment, how long can they l...Read More

The Average Life Span for Kidney Failure with Kidney Transplant

The average life span for kidney failure with kidney transplant. This question concerns most of patients and their family members. This article will mainly intr...Read More

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