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Prognosis and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy is every patient who gets chronic kidney failure worry about. Information on nursing care and treatment helps to improve prognosis.

How Long Does Someone with 10% Kidney Function Live with Chinese Medicine

How long does someone with 10% kidney function live with Chinese medicine ? Do you have this kind of doubt? Please send your own illness condition to online doctor or WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008618203203537 . We are glad to help you. Generall...Read More

How Long can Patient with Creatinine 6.5 be Alive without Dialysis

Although dialysis has been considered as the most common treatment to sustain life, it makes patients experience lots of adverse effects. Therefore, most of patients do not want to undergo dialysis. While, a patient with creatinine 6.5 asks...Read More

How Long Can Patients Live with Renal Failure without Treatment

Kidney failure is described with gradually losing of kidney function. Since dialysis and kidney transplant can not achieve the functions that patients want to, they are eager to know how long can they live with kidney failure without treatm...Read More

Life Span for Renal Failure Patients with Kidney Transplant

kidney transplant has been considered as the most proper treatment to prolong the life expectancy. While, what is the life span for renal failure patients with kidney transplant....Read More

Life Span of People with Kidney Failure and Liver Failure

Life span of people with kidney failure and liver failure means that how long can they live with kidney failure and liver failure. In fact, in fact, there are millions of people living with kidney failure and liver kidney. Do you want to kn...Read More

How Long Can You Live with Renal Failure without Treatment

Kidney failure is a progressive kidney disease, which threats patients life, at some point. While, if patients do not receive any treatment, how long can they live? Do you want to ask the same question? If so, please add whatsApp/Viber/Wech...Read More

The Average Life Span for Kidney Failure with Kidney Transplant

The average life span for kidney failure with kidney transplant. This question concerns most of patients and their family members. This article will mainly introduce you. A kidney transplant that lasts for life. But the drugs that keep a do...Read More

Is There Any Way to Prolong the Life Expectancy of Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Among the stages of kidney disease, stage 3 kidney failure is the key stage of kidney disease. How to prolong the life expectancy of stage 3 kidney failure? Do you have the same doubt, please add whatsApp +8618203203537 to know more details...Read More

The Average Life Expectancy for Kidney Failure Patients with Dialysis

It is commonly believed that dialysis is a common way for patients to sustain life. And patients can enjoy a better life quality with dialysis. Therefore, patients are eager to know what is the life expectancy for patients with kidney failu...Read More

The Survival Rate of Stage 5 Kidney Disease without Dialysis

In generally, patients with stage 5 kidney disease have a poor prognosis due to long terms of process of disease. Although dialysis is effective in saving patients life. It is not a perfect treatment to prolong patients life expectancy. The...Read More

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