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How to Improve Life Expectancy with Kidney Failure

2013-01-18 10:19

Kidney Failure is a progressive kidney problem which brings patients different life expectancy in different stage. Life expectancy of kidney failure can be affected, so by taking some steps, we can improve the life expectancy of kidney failure.

The exact measures go as follow:

1. Take kidney failure symptoms under control

Mostly, people go to hospital for related tests because of some abnormal symptoms like high blood pressure, swelling, blood urine, back pain, frequent urination and so on. Kidney disease causes no obvious symptoms in early stage, so when these symptoms occur, kidney function has already been affected, at which point, these kidney failure symptoms can worsen kidney function. Therefore, it is necessary to bring these symptoms under control with related medications.

2. Change your diet, which is helpful for slow down the prognosis of kidney failure

It is widely known a scientific diet is very helpful for our healthy, so it is with kidney failure patients. A right diet helps to slow down the progression of kidney problem. For kidney failure patients, they need to adjust their diet on the basis of their illness condition. But, generally they need to limit salt intake and protein intake as both high salt and protein intake will worsen kidney function and accelerate kidney problem. Besides, in some cases, patients may also experience high potassium and phosphorus; under such a condition, staying far away from foods with high potassium and phosphorus is very helpful.

3. An effective treatment is the most important part

Mostly, patients are prescribed different oral medications to treat kidney failure. These medications show quick treatment effects in alleviating symptoms. However, what we know should know is that all these symptoms occur because of decreased kidney function, so simply control of symptoms can not solve problems from the root. Aside from controlling symptoms, what we also need to do is to repair kidney damages and improve kidney function.

4.A good nursing care also plays a part in improving life expectancy of kidney failure

Having a healthy life style and try to kick bad living habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and staying up if you have already developed them. In addition, try to be optimistic as clinical study has shown that an positive appetite helps to improve immunity.

5. Avoid cold and infection

Cold and infection are the two leading factors which can cause acute progression of kidney failure. Therefore, avoiding cold and infection strictly if you want to get your life expectancy improved.

In kidney failure case, a time diagnosis and treatment means a lot and for these with mild illness condition, they can be well treated, and this will offer them a good life expectancy. Therefore, no matter we are kidney failure patients or not, a regularly physical examination is of great importance.

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