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How Long Can You Live With 25% Kidney Function

2013-10-26 16:02

How Long Can You Live With 25% Kidney FunctionWhen kidney disease becomes worse and worse, more and more patients begin to care about how long they can still live. So what the definite answer about this question how long can you live with 25% kidney function. We suggest you to read the following article which may help you greatly.

Firstly, 25% kidney function means that your kidney has been damaged seriously and in general, this condition belongs to the stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Generally speaking, to the chronic kidney disease stage4 patients, they are recommended by their doctors to receive dialysis or kidney transplant in order to prolong their life span as far as possible. However, it is painful but necessary because their kidney disease will develop rapidly if they don’t adopt any effective therapies and finally, they may be in the danger of death.

But 25% kidney function still have huge hope and change because it indicates that the disease just enter into the chronic kidney disease stage 4. On this occasion, if effective and early treatment has been taken and it is more possible to prevent kidney from worsening, finally you are more likely to enter into chronic kidney disease stage 3 with the help of natural effective therapies.

In fact, there don’t have a certain number to the question how long can you live with 25% kidney function and many factors may affect the difference of answer, such as gender, daily diet, the therapy used before, illness condition and so on.

Of course, except for dialysis and kidney transplant, many patients with 25% kidney function put the hopes on the Chinese herbal medicines. Most of patients in other countries may feel unfamiliar with Chinese herbal medicines, but it is real popular in china and patients describe it in a word comfortable. If you want to prolong your life span and know more about Chinese therapy in treating kidney disease, please contact us immediately, we are glad to help you.

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