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Prognosis of Renal Failure

2013-01-22 15:49

As for the prognosis of renal failure, it is up to a variety of factors and it is also depends on which stage of renal failure the patient is on.

Stage 1 and stage 2 renal failure are just mild renal damages and stage 3 is moderately damaged renal functions. Stage 4 is severe renal damages and stage 5 is the final stage. Stage 5 renal failure has the most advanced renal damages for which patients need to rely on renal replacement therapy to sustain their life.

The prognosis of renal failure has great to do with the underlying chronic kidney disease. It has been reported that it takes averagely about 10.8 months to progress into end stage renal failure since high creatinine level of 442. The higher the serum creatinine is, the faster the disease will progress, the shorter the expected life will be and the earlier patients will have to begin dialysis and kidney transplant.

Prognosis of renal failure is greatly affected by various complications and aggravating factors among which high blood pressure is the major one. Weather it is caused by kidney failure or it is the cause of kidney failure, early and effective controlling of high blood pressure can much slow down the illness progression of renal failure. Other factors affecting renal failure prognosis include age, diets and comorbid diseases, etc.

Besides, infections, heart disease or even heart failure, dehydration, improper treatments can all worsen renal functions and have certain impact on the prognosis of renal failure. However, quick rectification and treatments for adverse factors such as metabolic disorders, anemia, high blood pressure, infections, etc along with proper nutritions and home nursing cares can reverse and recover certain renal functions.

Regular follow-up visits and tests are necessary for knowing the current progression conditions and the treatments and medicines should have slight adjustments according to current illness conditions.

It is recommended that patients should go to standard kidney disease hospitals which usually will first inquire about your medical history and physical examinations and before offering any treatments, accurate and thorough diagnosis should be made by taking urine test, blood test, ultrasound or other tests.

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