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Can Kidney Failure Lead to Death

2013-12-29 19:17

Can Kidney Failure Lead to Death, kidney failureCan kidney failure lead to death? It is a common topic cared about by more and more patients. Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure know that their conditions have already become severe. We can not exactly feel those feelings the symptoms or complications bring to kidney failure patients. It is a fact that every one wants to live longer and enjoys his or her life. We hope the following information could be helpful and bring you new hopes.

Kidney failure means the severe reduction in kidney function. At this stage, many symptoms and complications will appear. And some of them can be very fatal, such as heart problem, lung problem and so on. Actually kidney failure will not lead to death directly, but its severe complications. The severe complications have always been a main factor which affects the life expectancy of kidney failure patients.

So to treat the severe complications well is a necessary and important step during the kidney failure treatment. What is more, there are still two things can not be ignored and they are cleansing the blood and recovering renal function.

Dialysis treatment is not the only way to eliminate the harmful substances. Also there are some other substances that dialysis is unable to eliminate. Other advanced blood purification techniques like plasma exchange, immune adsorption, blood perfusion, hemofiltration, etc can be used to eliminate the corresponding toxins and then create a clean inner environment. However, in some countries, besides dialysis, there are no other blood purification techniques. Hot compress therapy will help kidney failure patients repair kidney damage and recover renal function by a series of special functions like anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, extending blood vessels, relieving ischemic and anoxic state in kidneys, promoting DNA replication and providing nutrition for damaged kidneys. This treatment asks patients to lie on the bed, and two bags filled with processed Chinese herbal medicines are put under the lower back of patients. Osmosis device helps the active materials of medicines directly get to kidneys. Foreign patients describe the feeling of taking hot compress therapy as doing Chinese massage, very comfortable.

Every kidney failure patient has his or her right to enjoy the life. We are here to offer you more information about other treatment options to help you live longer. If having any follow-up questions, feel free to let us know.

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