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Influencing Factors to The Prognosis of Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-03-18 02:22

When the disease progresses into Chronic Kidney Failure, it will be hard to deal with. To know the influencing factors to the prognosis of Chronic Kidney Failure will help cope with the disease.

There are some influencing factors:

The serum creatinine level.

Serum creatinine level is one of the indicators of kidney function. On average, it will take patients 10.8 months to enter end-stage kidney failure when creatinine level is higher than 442ummol/l. The higher of the creatinine level, the quicker of the illness development, the shorter of the lifespan.

The primary disease.

The primary disease is closely related with the prognosis of chronic kidney failure. Generally, the diabetic kidney disease will develop into kidney dysfunction in 6 months, the prognosis of which is the worst. If you are patient with diabetic kidney disease, you should take good care and take treatment carefully. The process of Polycystic kidney disease to kidney failure is much slower, which is 18 months.

The treatment.

If kidney failure comes, the remaining kidney function are no longer able to maintain the normal work to keep the body healthy. So other methods must be taken to continue the work. Normally, dialysis or kidney transplantation will be taken. Without treatments, the high level of toxins and extra water will trigger on a serious of complications, which will increase the risk of death.

If the dialysis shows good effects on patients and doctors can deal with the reversible factors in time, the illness condition can be brought under control for a period of time. The lifespan can be prolonged to as long as 20-30 years. But if there are problems during dialysis, the kidney function will worsen at a fast pace.

As to kidney transplantation, the rejection reaction is a great risk to the prognosis.

The treatment is the most important influencing factor to the prognosis of chronic kidney failure. Correct treatment can greatly improve the life quality. If you want to know better treatment choice, such as natural treatment, you can send me an email to or leave a message below. I will offer you advanced treatment to improve the prognosis!

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