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Is There A Long Way for Me in Stage 5 Kidney Failure without Dialysis or Transplantation

2014-03-30 11:15

How long can I still live in stage 5 kidney failure? Is there a long way for me to go without dialysis or transplantation? I think these questions are also your concern if you are patient with stage 5 kidney failure. Next, let’s talk about these questions.

For many kidney patients, especially those who are in the 5th stage, they are depressed, disappointed and frustrated. This is because they think that there is not much time left for them. Do you also have this feeling? If you do, try to take that kind of thoughts away from your brain. The last thing that you can lose is your confidence to the illness.

The technology today is so developed, so as to the medical technology. The replacement methods are more and more mature, such as dialysis and kidney transplantation. Dialysis is thought to be able to prolong the lifespan of kidney patients. Without dialysis, patients are hard to live another year in stage 5 kidney disease due to the server symptoms and complications, such as pulmonary edema, heart failure, shortness of breath, etc. Successful kidney transplantation is more effective than dialysis. It can prolong the lifespan longer than dialysis.

But not all people are willing to do dialysis and transplantation due to the side-effects and high cost. But does that mean there is nothing you can do but waiting for death if you do neither dialysis nor transplantation? No, absolutely not. There are other choices. The natural therapy, Hot Compress Therapy is highly recommended. This therapy is different from dialysis and transplantation, it is on the basis of the traditional Chinese herbs, but it is externally used. With this therapy, which aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells restoring the original qi, you can live much longer than you can imagine. If you want to know about this therapy, you can send me to for further consultation. Believe in yourself, you can still live a better and longer life as long as you receive correct treatment and keep an positive attitude to life!

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