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What is the Life Expectancy of Kidney Failure

2013-02-11 16:01

What is the average life expectancy for kidney failure and how long can I live? This is the common question that many kidney failure patients ask even while they are receiving treatments.

To be honest, it is hard to give a satisfying answer because there are many factors can affect its prognosis and patients’ life expectancy such as clinical symptoms and complications, treatments and diets.

In the stage of renal failure, patients’ kidneys have been severely damaged, proper and timely treatments and home nursing cares can help sustain patients’ life and improve their life quality.

If you have not entered into end stage renal failure and your creatinine is not very high, there is great chance the renal failure will not affect life expectancy too much so long as the complications are prevented and brought well under control. Proper treatment can make many patients stay in this stage without progressing into the final stage. However if patients do not take any measures or the treatment is improper or ineffective, it will be very hard to revere renal damages once it develops into end stage.

Besides, there are many factors affecting the prognosis of renal failure.

1. What is the underlying cause of renal failure accounts. Weather it is primary or secondary, hereditary or acquired, is it acute or chronic, etc. All these have close relationship with prognosis of renal failure.

2. Infections. Various infections especially respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections can worsen renal damages.

3. Urinary tract obstruction. It often co-exists with urinary tract infections and is one common factor affecting prognosis of renal failure.

4. Inadequate renal perfusion. Long term excessive intake of diuretics, low blood pressure, shock due to severe vomiting, diarrhea can all cause inadequate renal perfusion.

5. Heart failure

6. Renal hypertension has direct damages to renal functions

7. Imbalances of body fluid and electrolytes

8. Renal toxicity drugs and medicines

The above are only the common factors that can affect the prognosis of renal failure and there are many other elements such as foods, exercises and emotional factors. That is why it is hard for a doctor to answer the question put forward in the beginning. But this is still great significance to know these factors so that patients can know how to improve their life expectancy and life quality from these aspects.

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