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What can Affect Life Expectancy of Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2013-02-14 11:15

As a matter of fact, life expectancy of stage 4 kidney failure differs from individual to individual as it is susceptible for many factors. Knowing the factors that can affect kidney failure stage 4 is very helpful for patients to improve their life expectancy.

Factors that can affect life expectancy of stage 4 kidney failure

1. Symptoms

Common symptoms of kidney failure stage 4 include proteinuria, anemia, hematuria, high blood pressure, nausea, vomit, tiredness, poor appetite and so on. Among these symptoms, some of them like high blood pressure, proteinuria, anemia and hematuria all can worsen kidney condition and therefore cause more serious illness conditions. Therefore, to improve the life expectancy of stage 4 kidney failure, having a tight control about these symptoms means a lot.

2. Treatment method

We take different medical measures with different illness condition. Most of the times, patients are prescribed with some oral medications to deal with their kidney problem after the prognosis of stage 4 kidney failure. These medications show quick treatment effects in remitting symptoms and we even feel everything is under control with these medications. However, if you are familiar enough with kidney problem, you will know you may have relapse at any time.

Chronic kidney failure is a progressive disease and if we can not stop it fundamentally, it will keep progressing and finally goes to end stage kidney failure. For patients with kidney failure stage 4, a treatment that can solve problem from the root is of great importance.

3. Diet

Right diet helps to slow down the progression of kidney disease. For a patient of stage 4 kidney failure, a well-planed diet not only helps to avoid lots of unnecessary problems, but also help to improve life expectancy. Exact diet plan depends on patients’ illness condition and different from case to case, but for stage 4 kidney failure patients, they generally need to follow low-protein diet, low-salt diet, low-phosphorus diet and low-potassium diet if lab tests show they have elevated potassium level and phosphorus level.

4. Good nursing care

A good nursing care also contributes to a good life expectancy for stage 4 kidney failure patients. In daily life, the caregiver should help patients to develop healthy life style, help them kick bad living habits that patients have developed and help to keep them being optimistic.

The above is the general introduction about the several factors that can affect the life expectancy of stage 4 kidney failure. If there is anything unclear or you want to know more, please feel free to consult our consultant online.

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