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How Long Can I Live with 33% Kidney Function in Lupus Nephritis

2014-06-24 15:40

Lupus nephritis is one of the kidney diseases and often seen in women. Because it develops quickly and can involve many organs in body, and its prognosis is poor, the patients suffering from lupus nephritis are very worried about their life span. And, a patient asked me a question by email, “how long can I live with 33% kidney function in lupus nephritis”. I believe that almost all the patients with lupus nephritis want to know the answer, next, please find the answer from the following.

33% kidney function means that the patients with lupus nephritis are in the end stage 3 kidney failure, and the kidneys are damaged seriously. This stage is a key period to receive treatment, and proper treatment can help the patients control the disease and prevent it worsening into stage 4 kidney failure. As for the life span of 33% kidney function, it is difficult to tell you precisely, because it is affected by many factors, such as age, illness condition, physical condition and treatment, etc. If you are eager to know your life span, you can send us your test report to, and we will give you the answer according to your condition.

Though 33% kidney function in lupus nephritis does not mean a good thing, you can reverse it by receiving proper treatment and changing your diet.

In our hospital (Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine), immune adsorption and plasma exchange are good treatments for lupus nephritis. They can help you remove the wastes and toxins out from body, and the effect is good. Besides, if you have the symptom of proteinuria, you need to treat your proteinuria timely, otherwise, it can promote your illness condition aggravating. In addition, along with the diet therapy, your illness can be controlled well. If you want to know our treatments, it is our pleasure to receive your message below.

In conclusion, do not struggle with this question that how long can I live with 33% kidney function in lupus nephritis, proper treatment and diet therapy can help you live better and live longer.

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