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The Life Expectancy of Kidney Failure Patients without Dialysis

2014-06-29 16:02

When kidney cannot work gradually, we call it chronic kidney failure. With the progression of illness condition, more kidney damage will appear and cause uremia finally. Because too many people died from uremia, many people are eager to know the life expectancy of kidney failure patients without dialysis.

How about dialysis for kidney failure?

When your chronic kidney failure reaches to five stage or advanced stage, most kidney functions will lose and you have to choose dialysis in most cases. Dialysis can replace the diseased kidney to work, it can remove the micromolecule toxin from the blood. But some macromolecule toxin can not be removed. That is to say, dialysis can not treat kidney failure from root. Patient’s life has to depend on dialysis. Once stopping, maybe you will at high risk of dying. In addition, dialysis will speed the rate of kidney damage. You can live for several months if your complications is severe.

How Long is the life expectancy of Kidney Failure Patients without Dialysis?

Since dialysis can not help us prolong life expectancy with kidney failure, is there an effective treatment to help us?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you here. It is a treatment applied externally and it has been proved to be convenient and effective. It aims at repairing the diseased kidney cells and protecting kidney from damage. Thus it has achieved the goal of treating kidney failure. It has helped many kidney failure patients get rid of disease and live like normal people.

Kidney transplant is also an alternative to avoid dialysis. However a proper kidney source is difficult to find. It is reported that about 80% patients can live at least 5 years after kidney transplant surgery.

Without dialysis, we can also live well. As long as you keep finding the effective treatment, there will be a hope waiting for you. If you are still entangled in the life expectancy of kidney failure patients without dialysis. You are welcomed to send an email to We are here to help you.

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