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Is Stage III Kidney Disease Serious

2013-03-01 15:07

There are 5 stages of kidney disease---stage I and stage II have slightly diminished kidney functions and patients can have no obvious symptoms; in stage 3, kidneys are moderately damaged and patients will begin to suffer some typical symptoms such as anemia, fatigue, hypertension, swelling, protein in urine, etc; stage IV is severely damaged renal functions and renal replacement therapies will be prepared or started for some patients; stage V is the final stage and more than 85%-90% kidney functions are lost and patients will need dialysis or kidney transplant to make them comfortable and sustain their life.

So we can see that stage III is relatively serious because patients have developed obvious symptoms and discomforts, their normal daily life and activities have already been affected. What is more, stage III will continue to progress into stage IV and then end stage renal disease if it is not treated timely or properly.

Stage III can also be called stage 3 kidney disease. What is good for patients on this stage is that there is great chance to reverse renal damages and improve kidney functions with effective treatments.

Chinese medicine is a good treatment option for stage 3 kidney disease and it can achieve the following goals---treating primary disease such as hypertension and diabetes which are the major cause of kidney damages so as to stabilize the illness and prevent or at least slow down progression of kidney disease; repairing damaged renal tissues and recovering renal functions.

Chinese medicines can eliminate blood and qi stasis in the body and promote blood circulation so as to greatly increase blood and oxygen supply to renal tissues. What is more, Chinese medicines can bring necessary nutritions for repairing damaged renal intrinsic cells. When necrotic renal cells are replaced by newly produced cells, renal structure can be restored and renal functions can be improved.

Besides, stage III kidney disease patients will begin to start a low-protein diets, that is to say patients of this stage need to limit daily protein intake to reduce buildup of creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen and other wastes in the blood. This can help consolidate curative effects of Chinese medicines by reducing strains to the kidneys.

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