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How Long Does It Take If Stage 4 Kidney Failure Develops into Stage 5

2014-09-17 16:03

stage 4 kidney failure develops into stage 5Kidney disease is a process that kidney function loses gradually. In clinic, it is divided into five stages according to glomerular filtration rate(GFR) and serum creatinine level. In general, the disease can worsen as time goes on. And stage 5 kidney failure is the last stage and deprives many people’s lives. So, many people concern that how long it can take if stage 4 kidney failure develops into stage 5.

How long does it take if stage 4 kidney failure develops into stage 5? The answer is different from patient to patient, just like the life expectancy of the patients with kidney failure, because it also is affected by many factors,such as lifestyle, complications, treatment and mood, etc. Thus, it is necessary for you to control these factors and prevent them becoming the dangerous factors aggravating the disease.

In order to prevent stage 4 kidney failure worsening into stage 5, firstly, you need to take proper treatments to control these complications and improve renal function. As for the effective treatments, “four ‘one’” treatment is a good choice for you. Because they can help you eliminate the toxins in your blood and improve the renal function. Besides, one of this four treatments, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, also has the function of protecting the kidney and improving renal function. Through purifying blood and improve renal function, these complications also can be relieved. Thus, it can slow down the progress of kidney failure successfully. So, it is essential for you to choose a proper treatment.

In addition, you also need to develop into a good lifestyle, such as do not stay up, no smoking and drinking, do not eat or drink too much and eat a reasonable diet. Last, keeping a positive attitude also can help you delay the progress of kidney failure.

In conclusion, no body can give you a definite answer about the time of stage 4 kidney failure developing into stage 5”. However, you can prolong the time of developing into stage 5 kidney failure. Any questions, please send them to, and we will reply you soon.

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