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What Will Happen If I Suffer From Low Glomerular Filtration Rate ( GFR)

2014-09-18 11:43

Glomerualr filtration rate(GFR) refers that kidneys filter the blood to remove excessive wastes and fluids in unit time, and it is a common method to measure remaining renal function. And the stage of CKD is also divided according to GFR. Then, what will happen if someone suffer from low GFR?

In normal conditions, GFR is between 90ml/min and 120ml/min for the adults. If kidney intrinsic functional cells are impaired, GFR can decrease. As we can imagine, once GFR decreases, these wastes and excess fluid cannot be filtered out fully and stay in blood. In general, glomerular just can filter small molecule materials and preserve big molecule substances in blood. These wastes that need to be filtered have creatinine, BUN, inorganic salt, glucose and fluid, and the kidneys keep them balance in blood. While, if your GFR decreases, you can see that the creatinine level and BUN level in blood are higher than normal. And creatinine level or BUN level also can be regraded as indexes of measuring GFR and renal function. And high creatinine level and BUN level mean kidney damage. Besides, you also can be told that your urine has blood and protein. And these abnormal indexes can be examined by urine test.

In fact, except abnormal urine, as the GFR decreases, the patients also can suffer from other health problems. Low GFR also means that the kidneys fail to filter the excess fluid, and the fluid can flow into the tissues and lead to edema. Besides, blood can be polluted by these accumulated wastes and toxins, but the blood circulation can bring these wastes to many organs in body and cause other organs damage, such as liver, heart, stomach, bone, chest and so on.

In conclusion, low GFR means that your kidney is damaged, and the patients can suffer from a series of health problems. The lower GFR means that poorer renal function. So, if you are suffering from low GFR, you need to take proper treatment in time. If you want to the effective treatments that can improve GFR, you are welcome to send an email to, and we will reply you soon.

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