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Can Dialysis Help the Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Improve Renal Function

2014-09-24 18:08

kidney failure patients on dialysisCan dialysis help the chronic kidney failure patients improve renal function? Many people ask us this question. As one of the common treatments of Chronic Kidney Failure, dialysis also is concerned by many people. Next, please with us together to know whether dialysis can help the chronic kidney failure patients improve renal function. Any other questions, you can chat with our online doctors for free advice.

Dialysis is a replacement therapy and often used to purify blood. For the patients with chronic kidney failure, there are many waste products in their blood due to the loss of most renal function. These wastes in blood can flow into the organs in body along with blood and damage these organs, as a result of, many complications can attack the patients. While, dialysis can help the patients eliminate these wastes from blood, and help the patients remit the complications. But it has no the function of improving renal function. What is worse, long-term dialysis can lead to the total loss of renal function. Besides, during dialysis, the patients need to bear the great pain caused by dialysis. That is to say, dialysis is not the best treatment for chronic kidney failure.

When talking about improving renal function for the patients with kidney failure, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is a good choice for you. In our hospital, a battle of Mai-Kang Composition, an oral Chinese medicine, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine and a basin of foot bath can realize your dream. What is more, all of our medicines are selected discreetly from natural herbs, and has no any harm to the patients. If you are interested in our special treatment, you are welcome to send an email to, and we will reply you soon.

In conclusion, dialysis cannot help the chronic kidney failure patients improve renal function, but our special treatment can help you control you disease and improve you renal function. So, do not give up, and hope is coming.

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