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Do I Need Dialysis If My Kidney Function 15%

2014-11-19 17:56

Do people with kidney function 15% need dialysis? When to begin dialysis treatment can be a common questions to most kidney disease patients. When condition develops kidney failure, we have to say that dialysis treatment seems to be a must in many countries, but the fact is that no one patient wants to experience such a cold machine. In that case, you need to learn more about dialysis treatment.

Does kidney function 15% need dialysis?

Kidney function 15% means the condition is in late stage of CKD stage 4, which means the severe reduction in kidney function. Perhaps, some patients with kidney function 15% have already been on dialysis treatment, while some have not. Do you know why? That is because whether dialysis is needed depends on patients’ specific conditions. If patients are experiencing severe symptoms or complications like severe nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, heart problems, or potassium levels exceeds 7mmol/L, etc, then dialysis should be started to avoid the occurrence of more severe consequences. However, if patients have no those obvious symptoms, also their urine volume is nearly normal, then dialysis can be postponed. So whether dialysis should be needed has no a direct relation with kidney function level and creatinine levels.

Then how to help patients with kidney function 15%?

Actually, kidney function 15% is not that bad, and most patients should have some certain amount of urine, in that case, the kidney function still can be improved, and dialysis will be effectively avoided.

But the treatment must have the ability to clean the blood and repair kidney damage, also the safety should be guaranteed. The reason why more and more foreign patients come to China for Chinese medicine therapies is because they can achieve this. We do not know how much you know about Chinese medicine therapies, just hope you could understand that 15% kidney function still has the possibility to be increased further to avoid dialysis treatment, your condition should not be delayed. We also hope more patients could know about Chinese medicine therapy and finally get benefits from them.

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