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Prognosis of Renal Failure In Elderly Patients

2015-01-10 09:12

Elderly people are often more susceptible to various chronic diseases due to low immunity as well as anatomic and functional changes in all the organs and systems. Along with aging, the kidneys will shrink and its filtering functions will be affected.

So we can understand why renal failure is common among the elderly people, thought it can also occur to children and young people. The prognosis of renal failure is usually poorer than that of young patients because the elderly patients have less recovery and regeneration ability and they often have many other concurrent illness conditions such as hypertension, high blood glucose, heart problems. Another reason of poor prognosis is they often do not seek positive treatment. It is not rare that many end stage renal failure patients refuse to have dialysis and just leave it up to chance.

With no treatment at all

If the illness conditions have progressed into the end stage, but the elderly patients do not want to receive dialysis or any other treatments at all, the expected life expectancy varies from several days to several weeks. If the patients still have some urine output, the prognosis is better and patients can live another 2-6 weeks. If there is very little or even no urine at all, the patients usually can not survive more than 2 weeks.


Dialysis is life saving and some elderly patients can live another several years more with dialysis. Dialysis can help remove buildup of wastes and toxins from the blood and rectify electrolyte abnormalities and other disorders and imbalances in the patients’ body so as to help prolong the patient’s life span.

Kidney transplant

With kidney transplant, dialysis can be get rid of. Kidney transplant can make renal failure patients to have better life quality and longer life expectancy than dialysis. However, kidney transplant has certain risks of bleeding and infections. After the surgery, patients have to taken anti-rejection drugs to suppress their immune system which often make them more weak and more susceptible to various infections and other complications. What is more, surgery is always not very suitable for the elderly.

Common causes of death for elderly renal failure patients

Renal failure can also other conditions like bone disease, nerve damage, anemia and other complications among which cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death for elderly renal failure patients, therefore it is very important to have early prevention and timely treatments so as to lower the risk of death .

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