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Does Kidney Failure Kill You

2013-03-22 16:17

Does kidney failure kill you? Yeah, kidney failure is life-threatening, but not everyone with kidney failure will finally die of failed kidneys. To survive kidney failure, the followings several measures are needed:

1. If you are in early stage kidney failure, stoping disease progression will be of great importance.

Chronic kidney failure can be divided to 5 stages and in the early stage, kidney failure has an mild even no influence on our life. In such a case, if we can stop kidney failure from progressing, lots of unnecessary problems will be avoided. According to current medical technology, Immunotherapy can be applied to stop kidney failure.

2. Protect residual kidney function

Kidneys are take charge of producing urine and when kidneys are failed completely, no urine be produced. For a kidney failure patient, urine output means there are still healthy kidney tissues. Under such a condition, patients need to protect the residual kidney condition from being affected. However, if no urine is formed for a kidney failure patient, dialysis or kidney transplant will be his last option.

3. Bring all the symptoms under control

Having a tight control about kidney failure symptoms will not help you repair kidney damages, but it helps to lower your risk of developing fatal kidney failure complications like heart failure and stroke.

4. Start dialysis when it is necessary

Many kidney failure patients do not start dialysis as they think as long as they start dialysis, they will rely on it the rest of their life. Actually, dialysis is life-saving in many ways for kidney failure patients. Failed kidneys can not discharge toxins, so with kidney failure, patients have high toxins in their blood. These toxins circulate with blood and may damage any of their internal organs. With dialysis, these toxins can be cleared away, and your internal organ can be protected. Therefore, when it is necessary, you need to start dialysis. Although it is torturous, it is beneficial at the same time.

5. Change your diet

Proper diet helps to reduce kidney burden, which to some extent is helpful for protecting residual kidney function.

Lastly, whether kidney failure will kill you or not depends on your actions in some ways. Not every patient will survive kidney failure finally, but with the above measures, your risk of dying of kidney failure will be lowered effectively.

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