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What is the Prognosis of Stage 3 Renal Failure

2012-12-07 14:35

Renal failure can be acute or chronic. In acute renal failure, renal functions can experience sharp fall within days or even hours and it can turn into chronic one if not treat properly. Chronic renal failure can be divided into 5 stages according to remaining kidney function by calculating GFR.

Stage 3 renal failure is a crucial period because effective treatments and proper daily cares can prevent or at least slow down its progression into stage 4 and 5 which usually require renal replacement therapy---either dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Here are some measures for reversing or slowing down the illness progression of chronic renal failure:

1. Find out the underlying cause of kidney failure for example high blood pressure, diabetes, glomerulonephritis and adhere to systemic and scientific treatments for primary diseases.

2. Avoid and eliminate risk factors that can worsen GFR. Many factors can worsen kidney damages including relapse and acute aggravation of primary kidney diseases, badly controlled high blood pressure, acute hypovolemia, sharp fall of blood supply in the kidneys, severe infections, physical traumas, urinary obstructions as well as failures of other organs such as sever heart failure and liver failure, improper use of renal toxicity medicines, etc.

3. Block and inhibit any possibility that can cause chronic progression of renal impairments so as to protect remaining renal tissues and renal functions. It contributes to a better prognosis if the patient’s blood pressure, blood sugar, urine protein quantitative, decline of GFR can be controlled and maintained within ideal level.

Besides, effective measures should be taken to rectify anemia and alleviate the excessive accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body. The application of statins lipid-lowering drugs and giving up smoking might do good to protect kidney functions.

Proper diets can also help slow down decline rate of kidney function. Renal failure patients should have low-protein, low-phosphorus diets and supply essential amino acids.

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