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25% Kidney Function And Life Expectancy

2013-04-10 09:58

Chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages according to remaining kidney function and GFR (glomerular filtration rate). Kidney function of 25% means that 3/4 of kidney functions have been lost and the illness condition has progressed into stage 4 CKD.

For CKD stage 4 patients, they are recommended by their doctors to prepare for renal replacement therapy, dialysis and kidney transplant---placing a fistula and register to be put on the wait list for a matching kidney donor. It is very painful but necessary because the illness conditions can rapidly enter into the final stage and their life expectancy can be at great danger.

But 25% kidney function still means great chance and hope because it indicates that the disease has just progressed into stage 4. If early and effective treatments can reverse it into stage 3, patient’s life quality and life expectancy will be greatly improved. However if patients do not seek proper treatment, it will continue to become worse and finally develop complete renal failure.

The following measures can help preserve and protect kidney functions so as to delay the beginning of dialysis and kidney transplant, reduce risk factors that can affect the patient’s life expectancy. If illness conditions can be stabilized or improved, patients can stay in this stage for many years without progressing into the end stage and their life span can be greatly prolonged.

Well control of high blood pressure and high blood glucose

High blood pressure and high blood glucose are the most common causes of kidney disease. Even if kidney disease is not caused by hypertension or diabetes, kidney dysfunction often will cause elevated blood pressure and blood sugar which will in turn worsen renal damages. Well control of high blood pressure and high blood glucose can significantly slow illness progression and protect residual kidney functions.

Early prevention and treatment for cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is often the cause of death for stage 4 and stage 5 CKD patients. Therefore enough attention should be paid and early treatment is very crucial for reducing the life-threatening risk factors. High blood cholesterol, calcium deposition in blood vessels, vascular sclerosis, serious edema are all possible causes of cardiovascular lesions.

Besides, proper eating and life habits also play important role for consolidating curative effects and protecting kidney functions.

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