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Habits That Kidney Failure Patients Should Stop

2013-04-23 09:53

Habits That Kidney Failure Patients Should StopBesides proper treatment, daily home nursing and life habits are also very important for kidney failure patients to help control illness conditions and protect their residual kidney functions.

Certain habits should be stopped if you have been diagnosed with kidney failure so as to prevent further deterioration and slow down illness progression.


Kidney failure patients should stay away from alcoholic drinks. Though proper alcohol is beneficial, it is better that kidney disease patients should not drink alcohol. Alcohol can disturb nitrogen balance, increase protein decomposition and increase the level of blood urea nitrogen. This will definitely increase burdens to the kidneys. It may be nothing serious for healthy people, but it is very harmful for those that have renal dysfunction. What is more, long term drinking alcohol can cause damages to all the internal organs and it is not good for the recovery of kidney failure.


Nearly all kidney failure patients have high blood pressure which can in turn worsen renal damages. Smoking can further aggravate high blood pressure and promote the progression of kidney failure. What is more, smoking can cause hypercoagulation of the blood and increase the incidence of cardiovascular diseases which are major threatens to the patient’s life.

High-salt diets

Kidney failure patients should adopt a low-salt diet to help control their swelling, high blood pressure and slow down renal damages. Pickles, canned foods, fast foods, restaurant foods and highly processed foods should all be avoided. It is wise to have home-cooked meals. There are many kidney-friendly diets and recipes on the internet.


Kidney failure patients should have good rest and stop work or study especially during the onset period of the disease. Over-tiredness can cause or worsen renal failure and it can weaken the patient’s immunity.

Even for those that have no kidney problems, the above mentioned habits should be stopped because they can be cause or inducement of kidney disease. For the sake of your health, these bad life habits and eating habits should be avoided.

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