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What Happens If Kidney Failure Patients Refuse To Do Dialysis

2013-04-27 11:35

what happens if kidney failure patients refuse to do dialysisWhat happens if one with kidney failure refuse to do dialysis? This is a hot topic among kidney failure patients who have been suggested to start dialysis. And to help them make clear and we consulted nephrologist and the following is the answer:

Dialysis is must for kidney failure patients who have lost all their kidney function or have serious complications like pulmonary edema, heart failure, vomiting and itching skin. Kidney is the organ that helps us remove toxins out of blood. When kidneys lose their working ability, toxins produced by our body will pile up in the blood and threaten our other internal organs. Dialysis is a medical procedure in which blood is induced out of patient’s body and filtered by dialysis machine. It helps to purify blood, which can lower patient’s risk for serious kidney failure complications. However, if kidney failure patients whose kidneys have failed completely refuse to to dialysis, toxins will affect their digestive system, respiratory system and other organs, causing unnecessary health tissues like vomiting, heart failure and hard breath.

Dialysis is helpful, but it is not the only option for kidney failure patients who still have a certain of urine output and meanwhile with no serious complications. For these patients, they can try Immunotherapy which works as a helper of kidney disease patients. Immunotherapy combines the advantageous of Chinese medicines and western medicines and help to improve kidney function. We all know dialysis is needed for some kidney failure patients as their kidney function is impaired seriously. For some kidney failure patients, if their kidney function can be improved greatly, they can live without dialysis. In this sense, for kidney failure patients who still have urine output and meanwhile with no serious complications, if they refuse to do dialysis, Immunotherapy will be the alternative treatment. Additonal, in some cases of dialysis, Immunotherapy helps to reduce dialysis frequency.

Dialysis plays an important role in medical field and as of now it is the only medical method for kidney failure patients to purify their blood quickly. Therefore, we can not ignore its medical significance and for these kidney failure patients who have no or little kidney function, please do not refuse to do dialysis casually, as dialysis is essential for them to further their life.

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