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10% Kidney Function: Prognosis and Treatment Options

2013-05-12 14:32

10% Kidney Function: Prognosis and Treatment Options 10% kidney function refers to that patients’ condition has developed into end stage kidney disease. Generally, most of people with 10% kidney function have begun dialysis or done kidney transplant. However, are dialysis or kidney transplant the only two treatment options for people who have 10% kidney function? How about their prognosis?

Treatment option for 10% kidney function

We know the loss of kidney function is due to kidney damage. When the blood contains too much harmful substances that are beyond the capacity of kidney tiny filters, these harmful substances will attack the kidneys’ intrinsic functioning cells. Over time, more and more kidney cells lose their ability to play their role. Dialysis and kidney transplant are two traditional treatment options for people with 10% kidney function. However, dialysis is only kidney replacement therapy and may cause severe complications in the long term. As for kidney transplant, many patients are not so fortunate to get a successful kidney transplant. Wha’t more, some patients have higher rate of recurrence after kidney transplant.

In view of this, many kidney experts work together and find out that it is more effective to cleanse the polluted blood before treating the damaged kidney cells. Only if the blood become normal again, the damaged kidney cells can regain a clean internal environment to improve their self-curative ability. At present, there are many blood purification technologies such as plasma exchange, immune adsorption, CRRT, hemoperfusion, etc, all can achieve the above goal. Of course, the following treatment that can expand patients’ blood vessels and transport enough nutrition to the damaged kidney cells is also very important. Some herbal medicines through hundreds of tests are proven to have such a benefit.

Prognosis of 10% kidney function

Generally, patients’ own condition and their treatment decides their prognosis. Controlling their complications very well, selecting correct treatment and arranging a healthy diet can make them have a good prognosis. Among them, correct treatment is the key to improve their prognosis. Only if the damaged kidney cells recover to work, these patients can get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant.

Never give up to live a brand new life, because kidney experts are always here to help you make a treatment plan to fight against your kidney disease.

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