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Can I Have Sex With Kidney Failure

2013-05-22 11:10

Can I Have Sex With Kidney FailureKidney failure is a problem on kidney, but it can involve many other body systems and affect patients’ life in different ways. Sexual intercourse plays a crucial role in keeping a good relationship between lovers; however, once an individual is diagnosed with kidney failure, he and his partner will be worried whether their sexual intercourse will be affected.

Can I have sex with kidney failure?

Actually, whether a kidney failure patient can have sex depends on his illness condition very much. Generally speaking, if the patient is in good mind and has enough energy, they can have sex, but please remember to pay attention to the frequency. Affected kidneys fail to secrete a hormone called EPO (Erythropoietin), which can cause anemia. One of the major symptoms of renal anemia is fatigue and shortness of breath. Because of this, reducing frequency of sexual intercourse to avoid being exhausted is very necessary.

Besides, if kidney failure patients have sever complications like pulmonary edema and heart failure, they are not suggested to have sex, as it will increase their mortality.

Will kidney failure affected patients’ sexual intercourse?

Kidney failure indeed produces influence on patients’ sexual intercourse:

1. Kidney failure can cause emotional and physical changes that may affect patients’ sexual intercourse. With kidney failure, a series chemical changes will occur in the body, which can affect hormones, circulation, nerve function and energy level. These changes will lower patients’ ability or desire to have sex.

2. In some cases, kidney failure is accompanied with erectile dysfunction which can affect patients’ sexual intercourse.

3. Kidney failure may cause severe complications like pulmonary edema and heart failure which also need patients to avoid at least limit the frequency of sexual intercourse.

Having sex is an important way for people to show their love for their partners, but it is not the only way. Therefore, for kidney failure patients who are suggested not to have sex, they can try some other ways like touching, hugging and kissing.

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