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How Does Kidney Failure Affect Sex

2013-05-25 11:23

how does kidney failure affect sexKidney failure is the most severe stage of kidney problem and affects patients’ sex differently. In mild cases, they may just feel lack of interest; but in serious cases, patients may experience inability of reaching orgasm. Well, why is this? How does kidney failure affect sex?

According to clinical statistic, over half of kidney failure patients suffer from sexual problems. And this may occur due to the following several factors:

1. Tiredness/Fatigue

Sexual intercourse is a strenuous physical activity and make patients exhausted. Fatigue of tiredness is one of the common symptoms of kidney failure and it is a major factor to affect patient’s sex.

2. Medications

Kidney failure is always accompanied with various health tissues. For this reason, patients usually need to eat lots of and various of medications. Some of these medicines can affect their ability or desire to have sex.

3. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also can be called impotence, affects many men, including these who have not kidney problem. For kidney failure patients, bloodstream in penis decreases, which makes patients unable in maintaining an erection. Besides, in cases of kidney failure, erection dysfunction may also occur as a side effect of some medications, especially antihypertensive drugs.

4. Hormone disorder

Hormone plays an important part for one’s ability to have sex. Adrenal glands locate at the top of the kidney and are responsible for producing certain hormone. Kidney failure may affect adrenal glands and make them unable in secreting necessary hormone. If one’s hormone level become out of balance, he will experience low sex drive.

5. Psychological problems

Sexuality is not just about sexual intercourse and also about people express themselves and how their parters feel. With kidney failure or dialysis, patients will feel difficult to be feeling sexual or attractive. This also can affect their sex directly.

Kidney failure affect patient’s sex in many ways and this has become a fact to affect the relationship between them and their lovers. Actually, there are somethings to do to remit this condition. If you are interested, please leave us message to get more information:

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