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Life Expectancy with 20% Kidney Function

2013-05-30 15:48

My mother just found out she has 20% kidney function and is diabetic. What is the life expectancy? This question comes from Jim who is one of my foreign friends. Actually, not only Jim, Jim’s mother, but also many other kidney failure patients who are told to have merely 20% kidney function concern about this topic.

Well, what is the exactly life expectancy for kidney failure patients with 20% kidney function? In terms of this question, actually it is hard to give out an exact answer; but I can generally offer the following related information:

1. 20% kidney function is not serious enough to put patients on dialysis, but if left control, dialysis will be needed in near future.

2. Tight control of symptoms is imperative, but it is not the only thing that patients can do. To get life expectancy improved effectively, repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is essential. As for this point, Immunotherapy is recommended.

3. Protect residual kidney function actively. You can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

4. For kidney failure patients with 20% kidney function, they can not be cured, but they can live as long as others with effective treatment method and good nursing-care.

5. As for the diet, following on doctor’s suggestions strictly, which will help to control illness condition well.

6. Quit bad living happens like smoking and drinking alcohol. A good living style is necessary for a good life expectancy.

7. Have physical examination regularly

8. Talk with doctors directly when feel anything different.

When only 20% kidney function left, what kidney failure patients can do is to improve their kidney condition without affecting residual kidney function. A powerful kidney function is the key point for them to have a good life expectancy. Also, this is the last chance for them to leave far away from dialysis.

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